Pirates O-Week Website

September 2022

I'm involved in the organization of the mathematics and computer science o-week at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. With a bunch of friends, we're welcoming about one hundred students to the university and to the city, which is still just a small fraction of the new students that come to Karlsruhe each year. We've had a simple website for a long time but for this year's o-week we wanted to ramp up the design, usability and content of the site. Inspired by Matthew Wagerfield's and Claudio Guglieri's awesome parallax.js library (and the accompanying site!), my friend and co-organizer Max sketched out some ideas for the layout and style of the site. Together we refined the idea and implemented it within three days (!). We used a lot of free photos and vector images from the internet and I created some awesome musty, pirate-y and wooden artwork that we could use. I'm really happy with how it turned out, you should definitely check it out! The source code is publicly available, definitely have a look as well!

This text was heavily "inspired" by Max's wonderful text on his fabulous website. :)